Played my first "rat ho"

Mar 12, 2015, 11:58 PM |

Played my first "ratings whore" or "rat-ho" as I call them.  Here's the jist of what happened.

First, about me.  I'm a total hack.  My ratings reflect my skill level.  I hopefully "may" get better with time but fairly certain I'll never approach any type "M" level.  LOL  NOT gonna' happen!  I'm cool with that.  I'm about to turn 51 years old and began "seriously" learning to play chess a couple of years ago.  Before that, I'd played maybe 30 games in my lifetime, never had lessons and was AWFUL!  By the way, I wanted to learn chess and started playing when 8 years old; that was 1972.  Yes, It was Bobby fischer's big win for America that grabbed my attention.  That man sold many chess sets to kids back then; I put mine away after a few weeks.  Well, a few years ago in a used "everything" store, I found an old "Chessmaster 10th Edition" for my home PC and followed the Josh Waitzkin lessons.  I then at least learned some chess basics enough to not be completely stupid and enjoy playing.  As for now, although I still play chess for fun, I also try my best and, like most of my skill level, rarely give up until I'm sure I have nothing left.  My philosophy? - I figure the ancient master's whom developed chess gave us the "50 move rule", "3 repeat" and "lack of material" rules for a reason.  Chess is a game of warfare, so warfare it is!  That said, here's about my game with the rat-ho.   

I submit challenge for a 30 minute.  I set my opponent's rating criteria as 20 below and unlimited above mine.  Began using those settings a couple of weeks ago, as I hope to always get much better players so I can learn from them.  Well, my new game pops up.  It's some guy with a rating over 400 points above mine.  Cool.  This should be a great game.  I'm white and play first - 1. e4.  I then quickly realize this is not a "typical" game from a supposed "experienced" opponent.  After about 10 moves I begin to get out of trouble and can see some daylight, at least from my perspective.  I then get this text message......"just resign".  Now, this guy signed up for a 30 min. game?  So far, he's used about 30 seconds; I've used about 3 minutes.  What's his hurry?  It's then I realize something.  He had to have set his opponet's parameters to "400 below" his rating in order for me to even be matched with him.  Then I realize what I'm dealing with.  I ignore his text and play on.  After about 5 more moves, he's now using "lots" of his time.  I get much more material than I'm sure he intended for me to get, but not enough.  Finally, with me having about 3 minutes left, I resign.  His skill was too much for me to handle and he beat me soundly.  Funny thing is, right at the time I was about to resign, I get another text......"long game".  Really?  LOL  Poor guy signed up for 30 minute game, looking for a much lesser player, then tried to bully me into resigning WAY before anybody should.  I texted back "thanks for a great game.  well played."  I never heard back.  I also sent a friend request.  Nope, he didn't accept it.  I've since looked at his profile.  Only plays live games and blitz.  No daily.  Also has no friends.  I guess he just beats up lesser players and pads his rating a few points at a time.  I seriously feel sorry for somebody like him.