Feb 18, 2010, 3:06 PM |

My wonderful on politics :D

I'm going to sum my views up as much as possible.

MMk so this is how it is you have an elite class that controls our government. They are all friends and all work together. There is no differance between republian and democrat they are on the same team. You have to look at them both as the same team. They work together and control the U.S. all our politicans are connected to every big name corporation. They make billions of dollars from health insurance to making weapons for war. Naturally they would control everything from who gets elected as president to who gets into sneate and all that jazz. If u stand against them they will end ur career in politics. They will do what ever it takes to get money. If there is a 3rd world country that has resources we usually make a deal with their leaders to let us take those resources. Eventually the people of those countries get feed up with our shit and revolt aginst the current leader that has U.S. intrests in mind. Then when u look at our media it tells us how terrible of a country they are becuase they kicked out their old bad leader and appointed a new one who will kick the U.S. out of their country. Look at venezuela,cuba and all those other countries...its the same pattern every time. We hate venezuala because their lower class elected a man who kick out the U.S. so he could help his own people. Same thing happend in Cuba. Its usually just a matter of time before the lower class finally gets fed up with all the shit and finally gets rid of the planted leader that was put their by the U.S. or some other big country.