Famous Scotch Games Analysed
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Famous Scotch Games Analysed

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Hi, today I'm going to analyse the openings in a few GM games, of course, the openings will be different variations of the Scotch. Each time, you will be able to access the full game, but I will only go over the opening.

I advise you to read my two previous blogs before reading this one: Teaching the Scotch Game's main lines, and Teaching the Scotch Game's Nf6

Without further ado, let us begin with the first game:

Kasparov VS Karpov:

This game was played on the 1st of December 1990, during the World Championship match, in Lyon France.

In my opinion, here is what we can retain from this game:

  • Follow the theory unless you have prepared your novelty
  • Don't forget opening principles, their here to help you: if you can, develop towards the center and to not block your pieces.

Kasparov VS Nakamura:

This game was played more recently, on April 28 2016, during the Blitz Ultimate Challenge in St Louis, USA.

Both players here followed the theory and where able to obtain nice positions to fight during the middle, and endgame.

Campora VS Olafsson

I guessed you were fed up with the former world champion, so I decided to take a game between masters who are less known: Campora and Olafsson. The Game was played on the 26th of October 2010, during the Olympiad in Canvia(Spain).

Here and overall we can see that when your opponent plays Nf6, you should always take on c6. In this game, we can learn that blocking coming checks to castle is important, otherwise, your king will stay in the middle of the board and will be very vulnerable, in fact, here white won.

This is the end of my series on the scotch (but maybe i'll add more content later on).

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