Fighting the Philidor Defense
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Fighting the Philidor Defense

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Hi everyone, today I'll be talking of the Philidor Defense.

A Little History:

This opening was introduced by Philidor in the 18th century, at the time, it was considered like one of the best, but it isn't very used any more because the attacking technique and theory has progressed a lot.


In fact, because black plays 2...d6, he opens his light square bishop but blocks the dark squared one which leads to black being cramped. And since black is a little blocked,  white can be overbearing (take control of the center and force black to stay passive)

Without further ado, lets get started:

I said during the analysis I would show you a game played between Paul Duc of Brunswick and the
Count of Isouard in Paris 1858, so here it is:

We can see in this game how Morphy used all his pieces (he sacrificed most of them though) to create his deadly attack.

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