The Caro-Kann's Sidelines
Thank you to Wikipedia and Sam Shankland

The Caro-Kann's Sidelines

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Hi everyone, hope you are doing well! Today I'm going to show you the sidelines of the Caro-Kann defense, its nice to go over them if you just want to know the basics of the Caro to be able to counter them, but you must know them if you plan on having this defense in your repertoire.

I already aborded the history and main ideas of the Caro-Kann in a previous blog.
So lets jump right into it:

Two Knights Attack:

The two knights isn't very used, but their is a trap you'll need to know how to counter. 


Nd2 is basically white trying to play an advanced variation without playing d4. See how we punish that:

The Breyer Variation:

This variation isn't bad, but it is quite drawish.

Here ends my blog on the main Caro-Kann sidelines

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I'd like to give a shout out to my friend @23Dragons, he was the one who taught me the basic stuff on the Caro, you can check out his blog

If you don't want to play the Caro and you think it is only an annoying opening, you can check out @Chessdemon2019's blog on how to counter the Caro-Kann.

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IMPORTANT!!! I may have forgotten some lines, if so pls point them out in the comments, if I missed to much, I'll create a second part to this blog.

Anyways  thanks a lot for your time!