The Fried Liver Attack
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The Fried Liver Attack

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Hi, today I'll be talking of the Fried Liver Attack. For a long time, I knew only one version of this opening, the worst one for black. But recently, I have been playing against people who knew how to defend against this attack. I decided to learn about it as well and explain it to you.

History And Main Ideas:

The Fried Liver Attack, also known as Fegatello Attack (which means dead liver) was first played in Rome, in 1610, during a Match between Polerio and Dominico.

The idea of the Fried Liver Attack, is to sacrifice a knight to obtain a powerful attack:

  • The the black king runs all over the board
  • The d5 knight is pinned and is subject to a lot of pressure

Without further ado, lets dig into this opening:

The big mistake from black is to take back the d5 pawn on move 5, here is how to avoid becoming a fried liver, even though fried liver looks pretty tasty wink.png

Here is a way to counter the Fried Liver and get an advantage, I also talked about 5... Nd4, this moves gives birth to a very vicious trap that I would like to show through one of my games (only the opening will be covered):

I would like to conclude this blog showing you once again the things you have to remember:

  • After, 1. e4 e5 2. Nf3 Nc6 3. Bc4 Nf6, 4. Ng5 is an ambitious move: If Black doesn't know how to defend, he will become a Fried Liver. But if Black knows how to defend, then White will be the one getting cooked. In the end, it is some kind of Gamble (at the 1400 and lower level, I doubt a 2000 won't know how to defend against this attack).
  • To defend, their are 2 ways, 5. Nd4 or 5. Na5
  • 5. Nxd5 is a big mistake that will get you cooked up.
  • This variation of the Italian Game is full of traps on both sides, so if you like sharp games and gambles, go for it!

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