Geeking on StarWars... Oh Joy

Aug 11, 2012, 6:15 PM |

As you might've heard- oh... You read the title? So, the subject I will be speaking of has already been established.

What comes to your mind when I say "StarWars"? The lightsabers? Epic force battles? The fact of how scared you were of Darth Maul as a kid? Just me on that one? 

Everyone knows fangirls make whatever they're a fan of totally horrible and unenjoyable. Right? Case and point: Justin Bieber. Okay... not really. I will say this though, I'm not a lame excuse of a fangirl.





Probably most of you are, too. Which just makes the situation a alot better. 

Does anyone ever feel this? ... or am I going to be #foreveralone on  this one, too?

The series was amazing... but i think as we go into the older and later episodes... they became somewhat predictable and became more independent on the backstories than anything else. Besides that it was epicly the best movie series ever. It is legend to me... well besides Lord of the Rings... and maybe Fast and the Furious (if you can call that a series)... and ALSO b- okay! Okay!

I guess there are alot of epic movie series out there... Can I just point out one last thing?

"Has anyone ever noticed that Luke Skywalker is the biggest wimp ever?" -Destrey

In some scenes and situations, yes. For the most part, no.