I live in a Nintendo64

Aug 15, 2012, 6:51 AM |

FOR HORDE!!! ...Oh wait, that's WoW. {World of Warcraft}

If you haven't already noticed, I am a proud gamer. With the exception of chess, I think I've played every game that the world has to offer. As the title of this blog post being: "I live in a Nintendo64", I do think my whole imaginary world has the same simple characteristics of the games of that gaming era. Characteristics like the 8-bit art, the landscape settings, how the characters are almost always the same height... the list is endless.

In discussing the classics.... uh... SUPERMARIO! In all seriousness, no. I am not exactly a huge fan of the Mario Bros. I mean, why is it called "Super Mario Brothers" when one is Mario and the other, Luigi?!??? MAKES. NO. SENSE. 

I bet I made your mind explode.

I really enjoy the Zelda series when it comes to the classics, as well as Pokemon. Seriously guys, who doesn't like Pokemon? Right?!??? Ah, I think it was a mistake to mention Pokemon,... I just typed 4 paragraphs about the card game and comparing it to Yu Gi Oh and Chaotic, in which, I sadly erased because i was going off topic.

I have a wild imagination. I tend to imagine vivid things and/or beings in plain daylight. As weird as this sounds, my imagination is so vivid and clear, that if you had my brain, you'd probably think whatever I was imagining was right there. To me, they aren't scary, but when it becomes dark and cold outside... my imagination is the scarier than Freddy Kruger. Even with an imagination like that, I have to admit I am stubborn, and have played "Slender" repeatedly until I collected all 8 pages. 

I don't exactly have an ACTUAL game console to play games on other than my wii and PC, but when I do come across a opportunity to play live at a friends house... I tend to spazz out and begin playing immediately. No questions asked. Then, because of that habit, I am proud to say that I have finished Bioshock (1 & 2), Dead Island, Resident Evil (Complete! Except for #6 that I heard is coming out soon), and Dark Souls at a max of 5 hours. Give or take a few minutes for the snack breaks.

PC wise, I have always played horror, fps, and mmorpg games. Even with my wild imagination.

I blame my imagination. It's always craving for something absurd or anything mysterious or obscure. I tend to run out of dark places like a mad man because I'm scared some ghostly thing will catch me... like that bloody fat man from "Amnesia".