I love my siblings... wait, what?

Aug 13, 2012, 3:01 AM |


Most of us have one... or two... or five... Some of us who have siblings either, love them, dread them, or are in between. To some of you who don't have siblings, some are content, while others are just wishing and hoping for a brother or sister.

To be honest, I know someone who has 13 brothers and sisters. Seriously, I ain't messing around with you guys.

Okay now, I have no idea where I'm going with this but; I swear, a minute ago I had some opiphany. Then I got a WoW {World of Warcraft} notification... So, we shall see where this takes us.

As a young child, I always wanted a baby brother... I was probably 3 years of age at that time and conviniently my mom was 3-4 months pregnant at the time. Worried that i would not be able to cope with the child (which during this time was just the size of an eraser), it looked something like this:

I'm not pulling your leg. Sadly.
Years later: Of course we had our sibling fights and fought over inatimate objects with no significance. We'd just fight over things for power and surpremacy. He wanted to be the A-dog, but as the oldest, you had to show him who's boss. Right? 
You may ask, "Um,... Maturity has not dawned on you yet? It's just an inatimate object, and like you said 'had no significance'." WELL, my dear readers, know this: I seriously didn't care. I always had to be number one.
"One does not simply just let the younger win an insignificant fight... especially if the elder is a spartan." -Boromir
Am I going too overboard with the memes? I hope not...
Usually these fights start out with crazy immature nonsence like this:
...and the war simply goes on from there.
As of now I come to a close because of my severe urge to eat and due to the fact that I forgot to log out of WoW... 
-checks window with stated game-
...and have 3 mana potions and 4 health potions slowly decreasing as we speak.
"No party is better than a pewdie party." -PewdiePie