How My Son Chose His First Chess Coach

Sep 18, 2009, 3:05 PM |

How My Son Chose His First Chess Coach

Me: Son, it's time for you to choose a chess coach. (He was in 2nd grade at the time.)

Son: Okay, but I don't want somebody who talks too much...

Me: How about Daniel? (Daniel Gay was the Oregon Jr. Champion and rated almost 2000. I had watched him teach when I had the top boards in the club over to the house to get ready for the big regional tournament. He is my coaches' student and a great kid. When the lessons started, Daniel was 14.)

Son: Okay!

And the idea of Kids Teaching Kids Chess was born (or, at least, rediscovered)

The lessons have been great. My son likes going to them, in part, I think, because they don't remind him of school: adults teach, kids play.

And they've been economical. My coach charges $50/hr, Daniel: $12.50.

The lessons have been good for both my son and Daniel. My son enjoys his lessons and continues to develop as a player. Daniel hones his teaching credentials. They like each other. 

The results: One year later, my son is still happily taking lessons each Saturday (except when either of them has a tournament) and has been invited to play in the state All Stars tournament.

Kids Teaching Kids Chess: You can't beat the cost, the smiling faces or the results.