Moments of Brilliancy?

Dec 8, 2014, 7:34 PM |

I always review my longer games after they have been played.  This has become second nature since I began doing it in 2003ish.  Occasionally, I notice that I've wandered through an opening by logic that I didn't know beforehand - and done it by the book.  This time, it was a different coincidence:  a game that matches the computer's #1 moves the entire way through (with the exception of move 16.).

I'll argue that this one is not a brilliancy, but instead a situation where the opponent only put puzzles in front of me that were solveable by my present ability.  I'll let the moves speak.

So the thought of the day is: If the opponent only puts questions in front of you that you are prepared to answer, then you seem to be playing perfect chess.  It is up to the opponent to ask questions of you that have cloudy answers.

Regards to all.