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The Tournament of Champions - Round 2

The Tournament of Champions - Round 2

Aug 6, 2014, 2:44 PM 3

Welcome to round 2 of The Tournament of Champions. Round 1 saw some real surprises and two wins. One by CM Anand and the other by CM Kasparov. Will they win in round 2, only time will tell? Let’s have a look at the first game of round 2.

CM Anand vs CM Steintz: After the draw against CM Fischer, CM Steintz was ready to get back to the chess board and he had he sights set on CM Anand. “I know I can do very well in this tournament,” CM Steintz said, “but I have to keep a sharp eye out for that open moment.”

CM Karpov had a draw in round 1 while CM Lasker loses his game to CM Anand, so what was CM Lasker thinking about for his game against CM Karpov? “I want to win!”

CM Capablanca lost to CM Kasparov in round 1, how will he prepard his round 2 games against CM Fischer? “I will just play my game and see it goes.” While CM Fischer has other plans, “I think I will go for it and try to rattle CM Capablanca, I believe I can get him.”

 CM Kasparov is looking forward to round 2 when he said, “I want to play strong chess this whole entire tournament, I want win it!”


After two rounds, CM Anand is on top with 2 points, with CM Kasparov in 2nd place with 1 ½ points. Here is a look at the rest of the field.

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