The first big tournament went crap

Feb 5, 2016, 2:24 PM |

My father learned me to play chess about 35 years ago. I played some, but not alot.
Then I stopped, and started again 2 years ago at Steinkjer Chess Club.

Last weekend I was playing a chess tournament in Levanger, called Levanger Grand Prix. I played in the A group. The first one I played against was a 12-13 year old kid. I thought this will be good start. I was wrong. Then I met an older man. 

When I was about to lose my 4th game, I thought to my self "I am really crap at this. What am I doing here?"  One of the kids I played against must have thought I was so poor that he whispered to me after my move "Hey, I know a move that is better that you could make" 

One of the other players in the A group, was a 6 year kid. Some high rated players who met him was gobstruck when they lost against him. This kid will be the next Carlsen. I am sure of it.

I lost all of my 7 rounds by the way. But all in all I fun.