Quotes from my thoughts

Quotes from my thoughts

Feb 26, 2010, 9:07 AM |

"Life happiness is in fighting, not resting"

"If I was given the choice between superpowers, I will not choose knowing the future because this will make life loses fun and surprises. I will choose a superpower that makes me use the double my time every day, my day should be 48 hours so I find more time to do all the things I want to do. This will be really a cool superpower"

"Maybe the Boss is not always right,but the Boss is always the Boss"

"Nobody cares about what you intended to do, They only care about what you already did...or didn't"

"Never influence someone to do things like you unless you're completely sure about what you do, only explain your reasons for what you do as you may discover later that you were wrong"

"Women have their own ways to say what they want to Men, especially by not saying anything to them"

"The evidence on our contradiction and irrationality that we accept imperfections and mistakes from the people we love while we don't accept the same from strangers"

"The decent person is hard to be found as if your are a decent person it will be very hard to stay decent"

"We replace the words to hide the meanings and we think we fool the others but we fool ourselves before we fool anyone else.unfortunately, that became our daily hobby"

"Don't claim the ability to face the others while you can't face yourself"