How to image diagonals

Feb 17, 2012, 5:40 AM |

That's difficult to image a diagonal without seeing a board. So, I thought how to image a diagonal. Of course imaging that depend on the person. Just for information. 

Firstly, imaging three square's diagonals ( red ) on the 4 x 4 squares. That's easier for me to image it with another three square's ( blue ) . It's more important to recognize where squares are than imaging figure clearly.



Four square's diagonals

Imaging it with two 2 x 2 squares.


Five square's diagonals

At first, memorizing either end of five square's diagonal. And then imaging five squares with three square's image and 4 x 4 square's image.



Six square's diagonals

Similarly, memorizing either end of six square's diagonal. And then imaging six squares with three 2 x 2 squares.




Seven square's diagonals

Memorizing either end of seven square's diagonal. It might be the most difficult to image seven square's diagonal. I image it like the diagram below. 



Eight square's diagonals

That's easy, right? Imaging that with four 2 x 2 squares.