Finally a Tourny!

Well I'm back to OTB action! The first game was tough as I played a 1550. How did I do?

A bad loss to start off the tourny! Could I rebound in the next round?

Yes I won that game! So last round, I will play a guy that has 1.5 out of 2 and I have 1/2. What happens?

Well He's not really a 730 player because he didn't play like one and I asked the director and he said thats Provisional. So I got a draw and finished 1.5/3 which isn't bad for me! I haven't played OTB in a long time so I guess I'm getting back into it! Comments are welcome and thanks for reading!


  • 5 years ago


    Post it also in bulldogs site. Anyway in game 1, ...f5 was a mistake as you cannot meet the dual threats of white's knight. always think about the effects of your moves. Also, white sacked his b pawn to open the b file for his rook with decisive effect. His knight was a monster at d6 because of e5 pawn which was the result of Caro Kann advanced line. Will look at your other games next time.

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