What got me playing chess

Jul 4, 2017, 5:37 AM |

It was one of the first days of school for year 10 (grade 9) and there was a new kid. I heard that he was good at chess and later, I asked for his elo. At first I thought he must be better than me but not that much better as he said he is so-so at chess. I found out that his elo was 2200. Me (elo: 800) versus a 2200 strong player?


Several months earlier I had bought a chess.com membership and had never gotten the chance to really use it. That night after I asked about the 2200 player's elo, I went on to chess.com and practiced blitz. I was losing every single one of my games and soon, I gave up.


Day after day, I went to the library in our school and watched younger teenagers player chess. I thought of moves to player for both players but I realised that they were all blunders! Sometimes I would play against them and soon I got the hang of this game. I would practice tactics and watch videos on opening rules and tactics. I also joined the chess club! I was improving day after day and I even got a chess coach and some chess books!


Now I just wish I can keep on improving and the things and people that got me started to play chess was probably that overpowered kid and the fun times I had when watching people play chess in the library at lunch.