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Little tactical awareness test

Little tactical awareness test

Apr 24, 2016, 6:28 AM 0

Let's see if you can find the strongest move in this position from a blitz game of mine. I'll give the position in a diagram first so you can ponder it without the temptation of just trying your first candidate move (as I often end up doing when positions are presented as puzzles):

Got your move and calculated the consequences? Let's see!
In the actual game, I missed this idea and thought the pawn capture and the ensuing discovered attack on my queen would be better for my opponent. Instead, I made an erroneous queen sac in time trouble only to have my opponent blunder back his own queen and walk right into a mating net. Lucky me, right?
Let's see if you can finish the game as well. Calculate the win!
Well, hope you enjoyed this.
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