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The excitement of chess

The excitement of chess

Jul 17, 2011, 1:09 PM 2

It wasn't that I loved being with my dad and he taught me chess that made me fall in love with the game, it was the bold decision of WNET, the New York public television station, to have Shelby Lyman and Edmar Mednis cover the play by play of the 1972  Spassky Fischer match.  They not only explained the moves, but captured the excitement of the myriad possibilities at each position, an excitement made even greater by the personalities of the two players.

I played sporadically at a low level for many years before a good friend turned me on to Chess.com.  Now I'm playing more regularly, the deep joys of getting immersed in a game have not changed, but unfortunately, neither has the level of my game!

The link is to a nice article about the 1972 match.  i suspect there may be the 'live coverage' from WNET on youtube.


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