Cape Coral Chess Club - December 2011

Dec 27, 2011, 7:08 PM |

When I am in the Cape Coral area I like to try and catch some games at the Cape Coral Chess Club on Tuesday nights:

Robert Cheyne is the organizer:

The current format is to start at 5:00 PM with lessons taught by Rob, in a very interactive format. Any player can ask questions, or suggest lines. Rob only asks that you think deeply about a position and calculate the best you can.

The format of play is a Club Ladder. Everyone has a "rank" on the ladder, and each Tuesday night at 6:00 PM Rob will pair players who are relatively close in position on the ladder. In this way he trys to keep players in competitive games. Each pair of players will play each other in G25 (with delay) for two games, one with each color. This is a great format, which givs you a bit of time to think (the format used to be much faster time controls), and still gets the games done by 8:00 PM which is the library closing time. 

And of course the evening wouldn't be complete without the post-mortem analysis, and friendly debate over what constitutes "compensation" for a piece "sacrifice". Of course the real test in chess, as always, is who gets the point - or not - LOL.

Another great evening of chess :-)