Continental Open 2013, summary

Aug 17, 2013, 9:13 AM |

Last weekend I played in the CCA Continental Open U1600 section in Sturbridge MA. I had work travel and other commitments on either end, so I played the compressed two-day schedule:

  • Rd 1 - G/45, d5, Saturday, draw
  • Rd 2 - G/45, d5, Saturday, lose (hilarious)
  • Rd 3 - G/45, d5, Saturday, draw
  • Rd 4 - 30/90, SD/1, d5, Saturday, draw
  • Rd 5 - 30/90, SD/1, d5, Sunday, win
  • Rd 6 - 30/90, SD/1, d5, Sunday, lose, (also hilarious)

All in all, ok considering intense work schedule. My games had blunders, but I did avoid out of control messes that sometime makes an appearances in my weekend OTB tournaments...

Four out of six games were Sicilian, so over the next few months I will be focusing on that opening. I will use that as an experiment to figure out a decent study regimen, find the right books, etc.

The next six blogs will give a brief description of each round's game, with some light analysis.