DHLC Quad 28 Round 2 -- hreedwork-aryan_ -- (0-1)


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    One thing that I see in this is 44... f5+! would have been excellent and would have given you the winning position, Harvey. Besides that, it was a wonderful game played.

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    @hreedwork: Thanks for the good annotation

  • 4 years ago


    Annotations updated in game. Summary:

    • Nimzowitch opening is new to me, I simply opened with a goal of a strong center, control of central open file, etc.
    • White misses a big opportunity to create a passed (and likely protected) pawn on move 15. Instead White resolves central pawn tension with a pawn capture creating a roughly equal game.
    • White regains a bit of advantage with control of the central file on move 25.Rd7
    • Between move 25 and 33, White misses several opportunities to increase his advantage with Rc7. Instead White's attack fizzles. White has trouble accepting the change, still sees advantage, when reality is a draw.
    • White misplays the transition to endgame, ending in forced exchange of Queens on move 41.Qxe6.
    • Subsequently misses tactic on c5 pawn resulting in loss of a pawn
    • Also misses impact of pawn moves on the Kingside, resulting in deteriorated Kingside, increasing distress level
    • Culminating in the outright tactical loss of a Bishop, end of game

    This game is a good example of White not adequately following the plot, misjudging the position, then eventually becoming so distraught as to lose a catastrophic amount of material.

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