DHLC Quad 28 Round 3 -- hreedwork-Dr_Dris_Angel -- (1-0)


  • 4 years ago



    • Unconvential approach to answering the Scotch Gambit. White opts for a variation which takes Queens off the board
    • Black works to equalize development, and was on track to do so, except for enabling a tactical opportunity for White. Black loses a piece on move 9.e5 with a pawn fork.
    • Subsequently White stugled with Black for control over the central files. In the process created two doubled isolated pawn structures in Black's camp, on moves 13.Bxc6 and 19.Nxf6+
    • Then followed the exchange of one pair of Rooks on move 20.Rxe8+ reducing chances for counterplay by Black
    • White starts focusing on the weaknesses in the doubled isolated pawns, starting with the c7 and c6 structure. Black fails to defend properly, loses a pawn and threatens another on move 24.Nxc6. Black resigned.

    This game presents a clear example of creating weaknesses and working to exploit them.

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