DHLC Quad 28 Round 4 -- hreedwork-SgtDoodles -- (1-0)


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    • Winawer French, played correctly for 5 moves, then confusion for White sets in. White has played French recently in an online game and is mixing themes up.
    • The confusion starts when White tries to force an exchange of Black's b4 pawn starting with 10.a3.
    • From this point of the game on, Black outplayed White.
    • On move 20, White had an opportunity to try to regain initiative (with 20.b5 kicking the Black Knight) but instead played the passive 20.Nd2. White considered 20.b5 but lost nerve.
    • After massive exchanges, Black ends up two pawns ahead by move 28.
    • White works to exchange the Knights and build a pawn/Bishop fortress to try and neutralize the effect of extra pawns for Black.
    • By move 38, the construction of the fortress is underway, and White is bringing his King out to fight.
    • On move 43, Black gives up his Bishop. This was not necessary, but understandable considering the high tension on the board. The game objectives for White continues for the fortress. The Black Bishop must contain the extra Black pawns. In addition, White can restrain the movements of the Black King which needs to protect the Black e6 pawn. This forces Black to push pawns to burn tempo. However WHite has infinite tempo with the Bishop. Soon this proves too much.
    • By Whites 50th move, Black is close to zugzwang, and resigns of move 51.

    Overall very well played by Black. One error caused the loss of his Bishop and the game.

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