DHLC Quad 28 Round 5 -- aryan_-hreedwork -- (0-1)


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    • White opens well, Black does not know opening, somehow finds a reasonable position
    • From move 6...d6 the pawn structure clearly indicates where play is most fruitful for both sides (Queenside attack is suggested for White, and a Kingside sttack is suggested for Black)
    • On move 8.Rb1 White starts his Queenside attack, in harmony with pawn structure
    • On move 10.Bg5 White starts a Kingside adventure, losing a piece in the process
    • On move 13.b3 White resumes Queenside attack, increasing pressure
    • On move 16.Ng5 White again tries a Kingside adventure, losing initiative and tempo, allowing White a strong Knight in the center, double attacking on e2 square.
    • On move 17.Rb4 White resumes Queenside attack, however the ensuing exchanges pull White's King defenders away, leaving e2 square undefended
    • On move 18.Nxe2+ White loses a pawn, then White tries to defend again, bring the Queen back. THis gives Black time to strengthen the center using both Knights.
    • On move 21.Bxc6 White demonstrates he finds the Knights intolerable. Unfortunately the recapture with Black's Queen on c6 with check proves to be fatal. White's King moves off the long diagonal.
    • White resigns before Black can reply.
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