DHLC STC 4 Aug 2013 "Smith Morra Meltdown"

Aug 4, 2013, 9:25 AM |

peacefulblue v hreedwork (0-1)

This is a fight for the Bodiam Castle:

I won. Rather, I should say I didn't lose. I was losing the entire game after the first few moves, and only recovered on the very last move...

However this is a cautionary tale of not resigning before the game is over. Peacefulblue (White) is a strong player, and knew his opening (Smith Morra) well, and I had no clue. By move 10 I was massively uncoordinated and under pressure. Followed by full scale attack. White had Black on the ropes, or should I say was drowning Black in the moat of the castle. Black had to manually walk his King over to the QS and suffer through countless pins and skewers. Meanwhile Black's Queen was eyeing a useless diagonal, except it was threatening the c2 pawn, and eventually the back rank of White. At a critical moment right before mating Black, White did not see an X-Ray skewer on his back rank, with check, by the "useless" Queen, and that ended the game. 

Enjoy and have a chuckle on me, over how confused I was in the opening :-)