Dunn-Reed -- (1-0) -- SWFLCC -- January 2012

Mar 11, 2012, 11:54 AM |

During January 2012 I had the opportunity to play two rated games, and a bunch of casual games at the SWFLCC (see previous post), during their monthly tournament, 4-SS, G/75+30 sec. This game, my opponent as White is Dennis Dunn who recently finished playing in the 112th U.S. Open in Orlando. You can see one of Dunn's games against GM Julio Sadorra from the U.S. Open in the January 2012 Chess Life in Soltis' column on page 17, in the side bar, Problem III.

Our game was a Sicilian. I was Black, and I am pretty sure this was the first rated game I ever played Sicilian as Black, since I started using the Lev Alburt book "Chess Openings for Black, Explained". And just to spice things up, Dunn plays a Wing Gambit which I have never seen before. I knew it was a gambit, and yet I didn't have the guts to take the pawn (the default correct move for gambits), and I paid the price by being on the receiving end of a huge attack. Sure Dunn is a 1900 player and I'm a 1400 player, but still...

Below is game with annotations by Houdini 1.5a x64. From my point of view, once he was attacking my King side Rook with his Bishop, I knew I made a huge mistake in the opening. Yet, I did try to defend, but being rattled didn't find best moves. For example when Dunn pushed h4 (typical plan) I should have tried harder to block (h5) or distract (Houdini suggests f5).