Eastern Class 2012

Mar 11, 2012, 7:28 PM |

Eastern Class 2012 was a very enjoyable tournament this year, with the venue of Sturbridge MA, as per usual. More info here:


The event garnered high level participation from four Grandmasters, shown below:

The main playing hall is large, to accomodate the 191 players! A picture of the main playing hall is below:

The results from the Continental Chess site, including payout are here:


Most importantly, the organizer Bill Goichberg brought good luck to us all with his female cat "Lucky" :-)










I look forward to playing in the Continental Open, in this same location in August, as well as the Eastern Class 2013 next year! The next four blog entries are my games. I scored 2.5 out of four rounds. I skipped the last round, but looking at the payout, I probably should have stuck around. I was 0.5 points away from the money - LOL...