Reed-Sidman -- (0-1) -- SWFLCC -- January 2012

Mar 11, 2012, 12:16 PM |

This is my second rated game at SWFLCC, 4-SS, G/75+30 sec. I am using the Scotch opening from the Lev Alburt book "Chess Openings for White, Explained". The idea is to start with a Scotch then transpose to either Guicco, some Knights Defence, etc. Sidman is a transplant from Sudbury MA (small world) and is around a 1400 player.

In the game, White keeps the game even, building to an advantage around move 20 by taking squares from Black, lining up pieces against f7, etc. Of course Sidman helped in my opinion by moving his King to h7, adding to tactical possibilities. 

White's move 26 is pivotal. During the game I kept looking at 26.Rxf7+ with a big material advantage. However, counter-balancing that was Black's doubled Rooks bearing down on g2. In the end I couldn't calculate everything, so I did not take on f7. Big mistake because taking on f7 is correct. What I missed is that White's pawn on h2 prevents Black's Rooks from eventually forcing the White King to the 3rd rank, and checking the Black King from g3. Can't happen. Black's checks run out, and White keeps a lot of material.

White's move 28 is simply a blunder. After move 24 White realized he should have done something on f7, and then took anyway when there were too many defenders. Maybe White was tired? Failure to calculate even simple things?

After that, it was game over.