Simple Group - Tournament#1 - hreedwork vs. martyep

Feb 6, 2011, 5:46 PM |

NOTE: I put analysis "in" the game player below. You need to click through the moves, and when there is an analysis note, it shows up right under the board...


The first game to examine in the "Simple Group" Tournament#1 is hreedwork vs. martyep (1-0). The theme is is two-fold:

  • Prevent your opponent's plans - in this game nothing sophisticated on either side. Black was prevented from forming a plan, by virtue of White developing first, focusing on key squares first, and then tactics took over.
  • Tactics, tactics, tactics...

The phases of the game were:

  1. Develop - make your pieces better than your opponent's
  2. Focus on key squares - are there any strategic weaknesses (usually in pawn structure and King cover)
  3. Execute - The better developed side will rip open the game and ruthlessly pursue the opponent's King...
  4. RIP - Decisive game