Simple Group - Tournament#1 - Lewperry vs. martyep

Feb 9, 2011, 8:19 PM |

NOTE: I put analysis "in" the game player below. You need to click through the moves, and when there is an analysis note, it shows up right under the board...


The second game to examine in the "Simple Group" Tournament#1 is Lewperry vs. martyep (0-1).

The opening is Four Knights. Here is a video that explains the opening and typical tactics. Very instructive:

The theme is is two-fold:

  • Focus on a square. Black focused on the f2-square, and then tactics took over.
  • Tactics, tactics, tactics...

The phases of the game were:

  • Develop - make sure to develop all your pieces before moving them twice. Always think twice about moving your "a" or "h" pawns
  • Focus on key squares - especially those around King cover (like the White "f2" square)
  • Attack - It takes at least THREE pieces to successfully attack the King...
  • Oops! The pressure builds and the attacked player makes a tactical error