Simple Group - Tournament#1 - Lewperry vs. rgreed

Mar 26, 2011, 12:42 AM |

NOTE: I put analysis in the player below. You need to click through the moves, and where there is annotation, it shows up in a comment window right under the board. Also, I put in some variations to consider. The variations show up in the list of moves as moves in parentheses, and colored blue. You can click directly on the variation you want to look at. I use variations to show tactics and alternate moves.

This game is the last game in Tournament #1 to conclude, and is very wild. Lot's of tactics.

The theme is two-fold:

  • Both sides need to fight for the center
  • Tactics, tactics, tactics...

The phases of the game were:

  • Start developing your pieces early!
  • But if you lead with your Queen, it will get kicked around and you will lose moves
  • The center is contested, pieces and pawns exchanged, a file opens up...
  • Both White and Black search for plans, Black starts to understand that the center needs to be pushed, but then...
  • White's attack on the Black's King is executed a bit faster than Black's operations in the center. 
  • When Black's Kingside is opened up, the Black King allows a tactic and drops a Rook. Dark clouds form...
  • White fumbles around a bit, Black misses a tactic to regain a whole Rook
  • White amasses overwhelming force and mates Black's King