Vortex, June 2013, Round 1


Interesting tournament last weekend, Vortex CC. I haven't played OTB much lately. A couple of G/60 this spring, but not much beyond that. Vortex this month was G/30, faster than the 45/45 in DHLC in Chess.com, but long enough not to get into a blitz mode.



In my Round 1 game, I surprised my opponent I think because he knew I was "rusty". I told him I practiced a bit online. This game is two parts, because he made an illegal move, which neither of us caught until we analyzed afterwards :-)

After this one illegal move by my opponent, the rest of the game was all legal moves and illustrated below.

The game ended on move #42, with checkmate, and I had 18 sec left on my clock. I need to analyze this game, which I will do shortly. For now, I just want to post this, and get comments. Thanks in advance for any and all comments and critiques!