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Miniature From a Local Tournament

Miniature From a Local Tournament

Aug 21, 2017, 5:09 PM 10

On Saturday the 19th, I played in a local tournament in Akron. I played the Open section going in with a rating of 1765. My official rating at the time was 1778 so I could've played in the U-1800 section, but my coach thought it was best for me if I played in the Open section so I could play better players. There were 4 rounds and I took 1.5/4, but today, we are only going to look at my last round game where I thought my opponent played a couple of awfully bad moves for a 1750 player. In the game, I tried a new opening, the Vienna because I got crushed in it playing black at the Cleveland Open, just the tournament before. Okay, without further ado, here go the game. 

Any comment would be greatly appreciated!

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