A new philosophy

Dec 23, 2011, 7:09 PM |

The famous English scientist Roger Bacon,1214-1294 AD,said that we know the universe and how it happens because what is in us resembles the world out there. That is how science builds up facts through basic investigation. A body of facts.

It seems that historians of science connect Bacon back to early Islamic scientists and from them back to Aristotle and from him to the vague Asian "Orient." Today we seem to ask if everything comes together and fits together as science says it does.

The basic idea of nuclear and quantum physics are that this old science leads to boredom because once we have discovered everything then we dont need to think about it from new viewpoints. The old science is like a mask an actor wears onstage that pretends to be the same character all the time. That gets boring after a while. That is why I could understand a person bored with mathematics or bored by chess.

Todays scientists are not bored because they allow for other things such as creativity, books, poetry, the noncategorical thought of William Crathorn ("coextensive natures"), religion, psychology, etc.