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Rise of the Guardians

Rise of the Guardians

Feb 10, 2013, 10:39 AM 2

Have you watched Rise of The guardians? I have. I watched it in 3-D! It was awesome! The music was high-quality and great and the graphics were fabulous! My favorite Characters are Jack Frost and Sandman. The movie is about Jack Frost finding out who he was before he was Jack Frost and saving the kids from Pitch and making them believe in Santa,him,Sandman, Tooth fairy and Easter bunny. Pitch is the bad guy who give the children nightmares and stop believing them in the guardians. In the end, Pitch is attacked my his own army of Nightmares and The kids believe in The Guardians. The movie is based on the book Sandman. You should read the book first then watch the movie. :)

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