Canadian Open - Round 1

NM ih8sens
Jul 9, 2011, 11:26 PM |

My round one game with some thoughts about the game in the annotations.  For those interested in a 'spark notes', I lost with the black pieces to IM Arthur Calugar who ground me out in a position a little less equal than I thought.

Final thoughts... Well I'm not too dissapointed about this loss.  I played fairly accurately throughout.  I missed a draw in time pressure, which sucks I guess.  Calugar played a near perfect game.  I should have evaluated the position more accurately.  Even a small advantage is still an advantage, and if the other guy (me!) has no play, working it into something concrete isn't even all that hard.  Plus, that checking sequence to expose my king was beautiful... so I think it's safe to say I learned a lot from this game.
I have white vs. Larry Castle tomorrow.  An older gentleman with a rating in the low 1700's.  Don't wish me luck, i'll be offended :P.
Nite guys,