Endgame Conversion

Apr 30, 2016, 10:44 PM |

In this recent game, I feel I probably should have lost, but whether by my own cunning () or my opponent's trouble with the position (much more likely), I managed to convert this into a winning endgame.
The game was very even in the beginning. A few even trades, but nothing major. It quickly developed into a pretty much locked position. (I hate those!)
At move 30 I got quite a surprise. I did not realize that I had left my rook hanging, and suddenly in my even-material game I was 5 points down. I always get concerned when this happens to me, but I kept my cool (well, mostly ) and took my time with the next move. I saw a possible way to put the pressure on the opposing King, and went for it. I ended up being up in material in a few moves, after a clever promotion trick. I went on to a checkmate which I thought was quite elegant, using my opponent's pieces against him.

Please feel free to share your thoughts on the game. In hindsight, I wonder if leaving my rook hanging on move 29 was a really a blunder. Perhaps it was actually an accidental stroke of genius? I can't decide...