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AlphaZero vs. Stockfish: The Onion Article

AlphaZero vs. Stockfish: The Onion Article

Dec 17, 2017, 10:03 AM 0

The match went a lot like GM Bobby Fischer's trip to Iceland for the World Championship against GM Boris Spassky and the Russians.  The top computer engines took shelter in a back room where certain electrical currents running through the lighting was negotiated.  After suffering a few brutal losses, Stockfish asked for the cameras to be removed, and at one point, even complained that AlphaZero or someone on its team planted a bug to distract it.  

From the event: "Of course, no phones were allowed during the match, and players were not allowed to turn on networking."

In an interview, much like Kasparov after his match with Deep Blue, an abundantly paranoid Stockfish had this to say, "If I was AlphaZero, I would download the open source Stockfish file in a few seconds, and in even less than a second, I would write an algorithm to beat it...It's called hacking in the computer world, but in chess, we like to call it, "Preparing for a game."

The Stockfish Team had this to say about the result: "Maybe Google should teach AlphaZero religion next.  There were no morals in this match.  If I was smart, to prove my superiority over another machine, in a world where machines are banned from running to aid players during games, where FIDE has essentially no rules for what would happen if 2 machines played, what would I do?  The answer is simple.  Anything to win."


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