Road to 2000 Fide

Road to 2000 Fide

May 17, 2016, 6:52 AM |


This is going to be my blog of my competitive standard games for my journey to 2000.

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Game 1: (17/05/2016) Which was a club vs. club face off - played okay considering I am working and studying full time and haven't played competition chess since Jan 2015.




Rating Goal in June - Around 1600 ACF. 
Whilst doing Commerce at University  and working 45 hours a week, I find some time to do some gym 3 times a week and play 30 minutes of tactics a day or either play some chess online or study material on chess. Tactics allows us to train our brain to development pattern thinking and see different movements in chess. The website I use is chess-tempo - Highly recommend signing up.
Below is a tactic I solved on 23/05/2016 it was rated 1750 - Chess Tempo doesn't give a rating on time but by solving puzzles which are usually like a standard chess game. This problem had a 50% success rate.
Game 2: 24/05/2016
I played Black against an active club veteran who was 89 yeas old. Again I got black. Recently I have been reasonably happy with my black results over the board (1 win and a draw) is pleasing considering I haven't had a chance to lead the game into my preferred game style.
Below, I played the Benoni Defense which is a reply to D4 I like. It gets me closer to structures I am used to seeing in my E4 game.  I still have a lot of improvements to make before I am confident to beat 1600 plus players.

UPDATE - 1/04/2017 - Unfortunately - the return to competitive chess, I have seen a massive dip in my performance rating - Dropped from 1628 local ACF to around 1400.

This has caused many motivational factors

- Tough on my mind

- Underestimating my playing strength

- Lack of playing desire due to continuous from drawing/ slightly winning positions


The start to 2017 has been tough on my mental chess playing.

However, after playing in:

- Australia Day Weekender @ Norths - Standard 60 minutes

- The city of Sydney Blitz @ Ryde Eastwood

- Norths Club Championship Div B (Fide and ACF Rated - 90 plus 30s)


These tournaments highlight my playing strength has dipped, losing to lower rated players.

I have been reviewing my games carefully with my top secret coach wink.png He mentioned that I need to do the following:

1. Play to the position - don't let minor or significant blunders cause you to give up

2. I was giving up mid game when small errors happen, beating myself up inside, and therefore leading to a further breakdown in my game

3. Play to your style wink.png (Top secret)

4. Practice tactics - I like chesstempo

5. Review your wins and losses

6. Play again "Human" like computers that are stronger than you

7. Review more active master games e.g Fischer

8. Stay calm when winning and losing - my round 5 game in a recent club championship I got excited for my winning end game. I then ended up losing because of a simple blunder.

9. Create outposts for your pieces e.g Knights or Bishop and Pawn relationship. Lock down the position and force the opposition to have a worse position e.g Lock down areas for their pieces to attack or defend.


So after a dip in my motivation and a serious test of my character.

I managed to win my R6 game in the Club Championship against a strong club player. 

See the game below >>

So in conclusion - my March 2017 ACF Standard is 1471 and Blitz  1600ish.
Goals until September 2017:
- Try to win 75% of my games
- Continue to focus on staying calm
- Continue to learn and mature my chess
- Always review my losses 
Rating Movements (ACF)

2016 - 1628 (As of June 2016)


- 1628? (As of Jan 2017)

-1471 (As of March 2017)


Blitz (5 minutes)

2013- Unrated


- March - 1377

- Nov - 1531


- March - 1559

- Nov - 1595


-  March - 1623


- March 1623