I am Confused...

Jul 4, 2011, 11:18 AM |

I have an interesting dilemma, I suppose is the correct word...
Right now, I have ~170 games in progress, which may seem like a lot, and yes, sometimes I make careless mistakes as a result of thinking about it too much.  In order to not get burned out or overloaded by this immense number of games at once, each day, I only make moves for the games that say "xx hours" left, so I'm really playing 20-30 games each day, but the games change daily or weekly because of the differing time controls.  So I click on the first game on my home page, make my move, and let chess.com load the next game in terms of time limit. 


This however, is not what is happening, as chess.com seems to be skipping over some games, and then I have to manually go back to my home page after each move and click on each game.  Once I've made that move, it automatically goes to a game where I have more time than in other games, and I must go back to the home page and click on another game...and I'm rather confused as to why chess.com doesn't go to the next game in which I have the least amount of time left. Frown