Be a Good Father!

Be a Good Father!

Jun 22, 2009, 11:18 PM |

10 Things Be a Good Father

Everyone must have a dream to have a happy and beautiful family. Have a wife, kids and building up a excellent family. Family is important asset in our life. For men, you must think about how to take care of your entire family, how to be a responsible father and how to make your kids is really love with you. This is some tips to you to be a good father.

1)      Be a good leader – Show to all you kids with a good behaviors. Admit your wrong and try as much as you can to saying “sorry” and do not make a mistake anymore. Please put away your ego and try to admit other opinion.

2)      Know Your Priorities – Some fathers have a good position in company. Please think what are the priorities need to do with your family and your works.

3)      Spend time to your kids – spend as much as you can with your kids. Kids need you to playing with them and need a intention.

4)      Time – arrange you time carefully. When you must with your family and friends. Put more time to your family cause your wife and kids is really need you at home. Please do not act as you in single.

5)      Understand your family – Understand what you wife and kids like. What they really like to do. Give them a full support for them.

6)      Take time for a Date - Even you have a family and kids. Please spend a bit of time to having a date with your wife. Maybe once a week or more. Women are really spent a special time with their relationship. Sometime they need privacy.

7)      Do not hit kids – Please do not hit your kids everytime they make a mistake. Take to them softly and ask them do not make a mistake anymore. Kids are too young. They not understand as you a adult. Give them the best advice for that. Remember, when you hit the kids, they will always remember that you have been hit to them before.

8)      Read to Them – spent a time to read some book for them. It good to improve your kid’s knowledge and language.

9)      Be a Good listeners – Be a good listeners to your kids.  Kids are good observer and listeners. What they look and listen, they will be asking to the father and mother. Please listen what they try to talk to you. Respond them always. It will help you to be more close to you kids.

10)   Teach to be responsible – Teach them to be a responsible people. Start to teach them to keep all their toys back to the box. Teach them to keep all their things properly.  It is goal to be a responsible people and to facing the world while their as like you.