OUCSC - Week 3 Match Report

Aug 2, 2014, 3:51 PM |

This weeks report has two more games of Nicole, since she - in an effort to prepare for the olympiad - wanted to get in as many games as possible. Unfortunately for her, she could not continue her run from last week. The results were

Nicole vs. Hendrik 0 :1

Nicole vs. Sean 0:1

The current standings can - as always- be found here: 


The first game is my game agaisnt Nicole. I mangaged to get some initiative out of the opening which at some point I could have traded into a pawn. Nicole, whoever, wanted to hang onto her pawn and as a consequence misplaced her pieces and finally allowed a combination.
The second game is Nicole vs. Sean. Nicole missed her chance to to gain an advantage in the opening, but went into some complications which left her with a very weak pawn structure. Sean methodically exploited the weaknesses in her position to close the game out.