An auspicious simultaneous exhibition - (Dutch/Nimzo Hybrid)

An auspicious simultaneous exhibition - (Dutch/Nimzo Hybrid)

Apr 3, 2015, 7:54 PM |

I've had the great fortune to be able to play in now seven simults against titled players including over the board and online games.

Lucky, I think is the best word to describe my result.


Against National Masters: 3 Wins 0 Draws 0 Losses

Against Internaional Masters: 0 Wins 1 Draw 1 Loss

Against Grand Masters: 0 Wins 1 Draw 1 Loss


I don't know about you, but I am pleased a pie with those results. If we assumed these were OTB and not a simult, my performance rating would be 2435! Hence the word lucky being appropriate.


Today's game was made possible by the Prodigy Program which I have recently joined. Being part of the Prodigy Program means I will have opportunity to play a lot more of these... I hope my lucky streak continues. In case it doesn't, I'm going to bask in all the glory I can for the time being.


This game was played online with a time control of 45 | 30. I don't know exactly how many games the National Master was playing, but it was at least 11 and probably more. I started the game out not feeling too well. I had been up very late with a friend the night before “studying” we'll say. I looked like Magnus from the World Champion match. But like Magnus, I managed to wake up and play a decent game.

Without Further ado:






I hope you enjoyed this game, and don't forget to add me as a Friend to be alerted of new entries. I am headed to St Louis tomorrow to watch the US Championship games! Should be a blast.