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My Favorite 1.d4 Miniatures #3 (Grunfeld Defense)

My Favorite 1.d4 Miniatures #3 (Grunfeld Defense)

Apr 6, 2015, 1:53 PM 0

The Grunfeld gets a second shot in today's episode of “My Favorite 1.d4 Miniatures.” If you recall, last time, Black crashed though on the Queenside and left White's pieces tied up tighter than a Gordian Knot. If you missed Sax's Masterpiece, check it out here.


Today, White gets his revenge at the hands of Polish Grandmaster Adam Kuligowski. Every Grunfeld players know that you must play c5 often, and you must play it early--a truism considered to need no explanation.


The “knot” yet Polish GM shows us just exactly why c5 is so important, and the dangers that await Black should he dawdle his counter play.

Check this out!





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