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Mixed Martial Arts game

Mar 8, 2014, 6:17 AM 0

So if anyone is interested is being a part of taking this game I have designed to the next level--I am going to put it on kickstarter.  It will be a project listed as "Cage Combat game by Carl Lilley".  What is the next level, you ask? I need to make prototypes for further game testing.  I think 100 copies should suffice. There will be a reward of a copy sent to whoever pledges a certain amount on kickstarter.com.  The amount will be determined when I set up the project on the site.  With those copies I can then canvas local gaming stores here in southern Ontario to have their members try it out.  People who have play tested my hand made working copy love the game.  Hopefully sooner than later it will be available for sale. Thanks.

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