2 Games Against GM Susan Polgar

Apr 5, 2011, 7:21 PM |



Needless to say, I lost. But I gave her a run for her money today in Tarrytown, New York; a small town in the hudson river valley. Unfortunately, the games weren't written down, but the first of the two was captured in photographs.

I forfeited in the first game after realizing a forced check mate in 3 moves. She stood there waiting for my move and I realized it was useless. The 3 people surrounding my board couldn't understand why I had tipped my king on his side - but she did. She knew I knew what was to come, and there was no avoiding it. I looked up, smiled, and extended my arm for a handshake. She smiled warmly, shook my hand and proceeded.

The second game had me nervous seeing as I was two moves from check mating the GM. In this moment of angst, she bombarded my king with checks and bait before finally cornering me after 5-6 moves and whispering check mate. "Check mate?" I asked. I hadn't seen that one coming. I was too focused on making my two moves that would produce a forced check mate. "Check mate," I sighed, with acknowledgement in my voice. She smiled, we shook hands for what would be the 4th, but not last time of the day. 

After the exhibition, she approached me and said " You play very well." then walked away. At that point, the event coordinator leaned in and said " She's been playing all day and I haven't heard her say that to anyone."

That goes without saying, I'm smiling ear to ear.