More unorthodoxity

More unorthodoxity

Dec 1, 2009, 8:31 PM |

So.............. I think it is time again for that blog thing.........sorry guys......but you do want to read it lol letz see I have a picture this week which in a way shows my ideas of chess( at least this week)

I think that the world affects chess, or affects our mood. If we have had a bad day we may play terribley, then again a great day can make us want to go and learn a great new opening. I recently started playen this on otb tourneys and have gotten some interesten games, and when I get a good one I will post it.

Today I will introduce a no name opening. I do not know the name and couldnt find it so I will call it no name. I played it on chance originally thinking it was benoni defence, but I was later told no. Appearently in the benonie you must fiancheto a bishop......(aughh) whatever lol so here is my no name opening


No Name Opening( if anyone wants to tell me the name if they know then it will be most acknoligized)

we are looking for the opening as black



so this is the basic two moves, this can lead to many openings, one of my other favorite opening to play is if my opponent reponds with c4 then I play a very nice budapest. This opening no name plays out similar. If white is a 1500 to up player then there next move usually is c4, so this opening aheres too it. Oh yeah I discovered this opening when I was younger, because I didnt have a defense against d4. Haha someone played it in a tourney the first time d4 and I wasnt sure what to do, so I made this opening up.




now e6 is not so wierd okay, now white has multiple answers, and usually if they just devolp my move will always be the same. Since most people devolp you mus always play this move next in this no name opening, or at least I say so lol

The key move is the pawn push, I like this move because it disrupts the center a bit if they do trade your bishop is nicely devolped and you are in no way in any danger. I am a player who tests my opponents. After many otb games, my opponents tell me, that my play is tedious, the reason is that I put my opponent in the role either move. I also like to have my queen acees around the board an by pushen the pawn my queen is open to movement. For this blog I see no reasons to go deep into the line if pawn takes pawns. But if you want me two then ask and I can do a blog on it. For me pawn takes pawn is a nice win and play for black. I will show you one variation of the decline of taking the pawn. i will also do another show either nex week or the week after about further lines in this opening, but for now I will show you one

Now this I like as white you crea mayhem in blacks terriotory, there are many ways to play it, so eel free to comment what you would do as black, I will show you how I would play it as black
I say take, because really then it is not so hard to protect your pawn
Now this is real simple letz see what you have and what white has. You have a devolped piece they dont, there pawn is quite weak and your next move is very easy to make
This is a good move I think. They must defend I believe the rest of the game is based on your playing style so me a defense player, would probably go to b5 on my next move. There are though is one disadvantage in my opinion, we have just devolped a piece for the other side, but we have gained also a tempo, now we make the moves nd the must defend.We have changed the tables. I leave you with this now, to make up your own minds on how you would play. I am very interested in what you guys would play next, so do tell. I will do another blog on this opening next time
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