My experience thus far as a greeter

Dec 2, 2010, 2:05 PM |

So I've been a greeter for a couple days.  In theory it's a great idea.  You play against brand new users in an unrated 3-days-per-move game.  In reality I'm not so sure.  I have ten games going currently with new users.  Only two are active.  The rest of them seem to have abandoned the game.  The chat is even worse.  Here is a perfect example of the chat I've encountered:

CHESScom: You have been matched to play with jjyurkovich, a volunteer Greeter.

Your opponent might not be online right now! This kind of chess is called "turn-based" and is a little slower than regular chess, but your Greeter has been notified and will make their reply move soon! They can then answer any questions you might have about

After you make your move feel free to browse the site - you will automatically get an alert when your Greeter has moved!

Want a faster game? Try Live Chess!

To send a message just type in the field below and hit Enter.

epiel: 'tai lo

epiel: pahatop bujang

jjyurkovich: I'm sorry, I only speak English.

epiel: what your name ?

jjyurkovich: John. Yours?

epiel: you girl or boy ?

epiel: my name is alex

jjyurkovich: What importance is my gender?


He then offered me a draw, which I declined.  He hasn't made a move since.  I'm going to remain a greeter but I don't expect it to get much better.