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Ed Lasker defeats Tartakower's Meran New York 1924

Ed Lasker defeats Tartakower's Meran New York 1924

Jan 12, 2011, 8:30 PM 0

This is the first game of old master games I am playing through.  NM greenlaser recently posted an interesting old game that finally pushed me to do these studies.  I'm going to get Alekhine's 1924 tournament book and use that as a base.  For these games I try to guess the move (1st variation is usually mine if it's different from the game move), I then go through the master notes, and then follow up with the computer on a few critical lines.


This game is interesting as the Meran variation was just named after Rubinstein beat Gruenfeld and Gruenfeld then beat Spielmann with it in Meran, Austria earlier in 1924.  According to Ed Lasker Tartakower had seen the Rubinstein game while he hadn't.  Nevertheless Mr.Lasker goes on to score a nice victory.


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